United Therapeutics Corporation

Dedicated to Improving the Lives of PAH Patients

United Therapeutics Corporation was founded by the parents of a child diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Faced with a lack of information, support, and therapy options, they set out on a very personal quest to help change the future for people impacted by PAH. United Therapeutics Corporation is focused on developing effective therapies that fit patients’ lives and providing resources to support and educate patients throughout the journey.

United Therapeutics Corporation offers a range of PAH treatment options and educational resources. We also provide emotional support services for PAH patients and their caregivers. Since United Therapeutics Corporation was founded in 1996, thousands of patients around the world have benefited from our commitment to the PAH community.

Our support of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) is helping to build great leaders. With an endowment from United Therapeutics Corporation, the PHA launched the Support Group Leadership Training Institute in 2007. Learn more about training programs for leaders at phassociation.org.

United Therapeutics Corporation is conducting research in new areas that could change the future of PAH treatments. We are proud of how far we’ve come, but we are more excited about what lies ahead. Our ultimate goal is a cure for PAH.

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Questions? Call United Therapeutics Corporation Customer Service at 1-877-UNITHER (1-877-864-8437).

PEER Network

Connect with someone who understands.

The PEER Network connects patients who are considering or initiating a prostacyclin therapy from United Therapeutics with a PEER Mentor—another patient who is taking the same medication. PEER Mentors are passionate about supporting others and volunteer their time to help others along their journey.

PEER Mentors help by sharing their unique, first-hand experience with new patients as they prepare for, and initiate, treatment with a United Therapeutics medication. PEER Mentors provide encouragement and lifestyle support for new patients as they incorporate treatment into their daily routine. PEER Mentors are taking the same medication, so they can share insights about the practical lifestyle considerations of the treatment based on their own personal experience.

Talk to someone who knows what’s its really like. Contact the PEER Network.

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