PAH Tests

Having PAH requires that different tests be performed periodically, depending on the severity of your condition and your individual treatment needs. Specific tests can help you and your healthcare team monitor your condition and help you work toward your treatment goals. Along with the information you provide about your activities and symptoms, your test results will help your doctor recommend the right treatment for you.

Being familiar with these tests and how often they are necessary can help take some of the surprise out of your checkups. The severity of your condition will determine how frequently these tests are administered. Here’s a general list of the tests you may need.

Functional class assessment: A rating from 1 to 4 that indicates which activities cause you to experience symptoms
6-minute walk distance test: Measures the distance you can walk on a flat, hard surface in 6 minutes
Echocardiogram: Uses sound waves to produce images of your heart beating and pumping blood
Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP): Measures the amount of BNP hormone in your blood
Right heart catheterization (RHC): Measures pressure in the pulmonary arteries in the heart and lungs

The frequency may differ for individual patients based on your doctor’s judgment. Learn more about these tests at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association website