Learning From Others


PAH can be a difficult condition to deal with. That’s why Living PAH has collected tips from other PAH patients and caregivers to help.

You are never alone on your journey. Research about PAH, both its causes and treatments, is ongoing. But beyond taking your medication, you can always take action to help control your symptoms and be involved in your care.

  • Develop a healthy diet
  • Keep track of your weight and medications
  • Ask questions to clarify anything you don’t understand
  • Reach out and talk to others about your condition
  • Be as knowledgeable as you can about PAH and your treatments

This advice is not meant to replace communication with your healthcare team. It’s simply a way to begin a dialogue with others who share similar experiences. Talk to your doctor or nurse if you experience other issues such as:

  • Anxiety or symptoms of depression
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Lack of energy or tiredness
  • Difficulty concentrating

Helpful tips are just the beginning of the support Living PAH offers. Visit our Learning Library to explore tools that are designed to help you along your PAH journey.