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Living PAH is about providing you with information to help you stay involved in your care. What better way to gather some sound advice than to listen to those who have walked a similar path?

These tips are from patients, caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals. The topics range from how to travel with your device to questions to ask your doctors.

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I try to maintain a certain weight because my medication for PAH causes me to retain fluids. I keep a cup with ice chips handy so when I get thirsty, I can eat them like popcorn. – Adriana A. read more tips >

Always be sure to see a PH specialist who is up to date on the latest treatment options. Even if your cardiologist or pulmonologist gives you the correct diagnosis, they may not know about all aspects of the disease and all the available medications. It can make all the difference in your journey. – Marilyn C. read more tips >

To make it easier to sweep my floors, I bought a dust pan with a stick. I also purchased a vacuum with plenty of attachments so I can avoid bending over. This helps when cleaning hard floors and carpets. – Ijeoma H. read more tips >

I find that using different crossbody bags in which to carry my device makes me feel more confident about myself. I feel as if people are seeing "me" and not my medical condition. My friends and family also compliment my nice bags and how they coordinate with my outfits! – Aggie S. read more tips >

When I know I will be going out, I have learned that it is easier if you put your medication thermals and oxygen with a new canister next to the door. Once I get showered and dressed, I am a little winded. So when I come to the door, I feel better knowing I am prepared. – Tracy L. read more tips >

If you work and have PAH, I find it's best to prepare for the next day the night before. Shower, pack your lunch, and lay out your clothes each night so you don't have to rush in the morning. – Maria K. read more tips >