Work With Your Doctor

Focus on your role.

It’s important to talk with a PAH specialist about your treatment options. Everyone with PAH is different, so you and your doctor must consider many factors to determine the best treatment plan for you.

If you and your doctor believe your medication isn’t doing enough to meet your goals, your treatment plan may need to be adjusted. Changes to your treatment plan may include dosage adjustments, medication changes, additional therapies, or other modifications. You and your doctor will need to continuously monitor your condition and set goals for your treatment.

You and your doctor can decide which treatment plan is right for you. Get help starting the conversation with the Living PAH Doctor Discussion Guide.

Talk with your doctor to explore what else you can do to help manage your PAH symptoms.

Work with your doctor to set specific goals so you can monitor your condition. Then, at each visit, reevaluate how you are feeling by discussing the activities that make you experience symptoms. Discuss whether your current treatment plan is doing enough to help meet your treatment goals.