Stages of PAH

Classification scales have been created to measure the degree of disease severity in patients with heart disease. Doctors often use these scales to help determine the progression of PAH and the appropriate treatment for their patients.

Your doctor will want to know about the activities you are doing when you experience symptoms. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, dizziness, and near fainting or passing out. Along with your test results, this information will be used to classify your disease into 1 of 4 stages, or functional classes, of PAH.



What does your functional class mean for you?

Your functional class can change as time passes. At each visit, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and set goals to try to improve your ability to do certain activities.

Perform a self-assessment between each visit with your doctor to record how you’re doing. Then share this information with your healthcare team periodically. They’ll use this, along with the information you provide, to help determine your functional class and whether your treatment plan should be adjusted.